BRGRBRO offers a unique experience of sliders on brioche or charcoal sesame bun with fries, sweet potatoes, melted nacho cheese and more..

burgerbrobeeficonBROs BEEF

100% British Grass fed Angus Beef : minced daily the 2oz smashed beef is lightly seasoned when grilled to order – served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese and topped with BROs special sauce, want maximum flavour try our new unique Blue cheese Angus Beef or Fiery Hot Jalapeno Beef editions

 OriginalGrilleChickenBurgerBroLeicesterBROs CHICKEN

Premium Grilled Buttermilk Chicken Steak

Orignal Grilled Chicken – Fillet served with cheese, red onion, lettuce and BROs original sauce (MILD)

GrilleflaminghotChickenburgerbroFlaming Hot Grilled Chicken – Buttermilk Chicken Steak fillet, grilled and smothered with BROs flaming hot  sauce and coated with roasted Doritos (R) crumble (HOT!)

FishFilletHalalBurgerBroLeicesterUKBROs FISH

Premium Fish Fillet (from certified sustainable farms) served with house cheese, tartare sauce on toasted broiche or charcoal bun

VeggieBurgerBurgerbroLeicesterBROs VEGGIE

Our Vegetable burger is a crispy coated mashed potato with veggies consisting of sweetcorn, carrots & peas rolled in breadcrumbs served with Bros light samba sauce with a hint of sweet chilli

FlamingHotFriesBurgerbroUKNACHO CHEESE

Having a movie night in, netflix and chilli with our Movie Nacho Cheese ComBros, Tortilla chips, Salsa, Jalapeno, warm melted nacho cheese add some chilli fries, sweet potato or JalapenoChickenBeefBurgerBroLeicesterUK grilled chicken


What about things on the sides ?

Well the most popular has to be our chicken bites comes with Sticky sauce (Sweet, Fruity with a hit of BBQ – FACT: took us 2 years of research to get it just right) and for those looking for some heat we recommed Buffalo Chicken bites which will give your mouth a hot and tangy sensation.

We also have vegetarians sides .. chilli cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, hash browns, spicy corn and pepper bites and now serving sweet potato fries high in fibre, vitamins and good source of antioxidant and all suitable for vegeterians.


Look and Feel healthy from our leafy menu range Bros Salad comes with red cabbage, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickle, jalapeno, red onion, topped with ceaser and original dressing chose either Angus beef or Grilled chicken in your salad


We got lil bros and dolls cheese burgers and chicken bites for your little ones, Fries with Nachos Cheese Sauce, Corny Relish Fries

Produced using quality ingredients, UK or locally–sourced wherever possible, we are HMC certifed Halal


Premium 16oz Soda flavours include Bros famous Blueberry Mist, Premium Mango, Cherry, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Lemonade,  Pepsi and Diet Pepsi.


Turn your drink into a fizzy milkshake float.  Add any flavour soda to our Ice cream to make a Soda floats


For Desserts we have Ice cream Softee in a 12oz cup and pancakes!! Yes Pancakes with maple syrup, Hershey chocolate, oreo cookies, Lotus Biscoff and caramel sauce.

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